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Loins F. 14/DN

Loins F. 14/18

Loins Miscut

Center Cut Loins

Loins Ends

Bnls. Center Cut Loins

Bnls Sirloin Roast

Pork Tenderloins


Butts F.


Spare Ribs Liight

Pork Back Ribs



Fresh Picnic 30's

Fresh Hams

Fresh Hams 17/20

Fresh Hams 20/23

Fresh Bellies

Fresh Bellies Rib-in

Fresh Bellies R/L

Fresh Shoulder Shanks

Fresh Jowels-SKD.

Fresh Brisket Bones

Fresh Skins 60's

Regular Smoked Hams COV

Smoked Ham S/S

Net Semi Light

Ham Nugget

Ham Steaks COV

Ham Ends COV


Our Spc. B/Less COV

Buffet Style Ham

Old Fash. Net Ham


Net Semi Heavy


Smoked Calas COV

Slab Bacon 8/12

Slab Bacon R/L

Sliced Bacon Reg

Bacon Reg

Bacon Pepper

Bacon Cajun


Neckbone Trim

Trimmings 50%

Trimmings 80%

Trimmings 95%

Jowel Trimmings

Flank Trimmings

Boned Out Meat


BBQ Pulled Pork

1# BBQ Pulled Pork


Sausage C.S.

Sausage Lg. Lk.

Sausage Bulk

Sausage Patties

Pig Sausage

Italian Sausage C.S.

Italian  Sausage


Neck Bones 30's


Feet L.C.

Livers 60's

Kidneys 30's

Hearts 50's

Tongues 30's

Stomach Un-Scalded 40's

Stomach Un-Scalded 30's

Tails Stub


Smoked Loins

Smoked Jowel Bacon

Smoked Ham Hocks

Smoked Ham Shanks

Smoked Neckbones

Smoked Briskets

Smoked Stub Tails

Scrap Bacon

Scrap Pepper Bacon

Scrap Cajun Bacon



Lard Bulk

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